3325 Anderson Road
Antioch TN 37013
Email: academy@priestlake1.org
Phone: +6153661423
Priest Lake Christian Academy | academics
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Your child will have daily Bible study; learn bible verses and be able to apply these to his/her life. With Christ as the center of your child’s education, there are no limits. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

We will help your child flourish in education, work with others in love, and mature as a child in Christ. The biblical teaching is integrated into all subjects to strengthen the child and provide the fundamentals of life.


Our curriculum includes hands on learning, manipulatives, counting, computer skills, discovery and exploratory learning, numerical concepts, pattern recognition, and values.

Computers, tablets and other technology are regular components of our educational program. Children are encouraged to explore the wondrous vast creations of God.


Your child will receive age, grade and skill level instruction in handwriting, listening skill development, phonics, reading, reading skill development, poetry and sight words. The A Beka curricula are a time proven curricula with over forty years of successful use in practice.


We allow our children the opportunity to choose Jesus Christ to provide the direction, support, and the hope needed to succeed in this life.

Children need to know that God loves them unconditionally and that there are conditions on how he blesses them. When the church, family and school work together we are able to accomplish great things; it takes a village to raise a child.


Gospel, songs, hymns, instrumental music, along with the visual and the creative arts activities are an integral part of our program.

Current research has shown that music facilitates learning and enhances skills in other subjects.

Music stimulates brain activity, enhances language development, visual and listening skills. Art, dance, and movement are a key component of our curricula.


Children learn by doing, hands on fun engaging activities. Art may be used to express and reflect thoughts and feelings of the child. Art stimulates the visual cortex of the brain and creativity of the child. Movement through dance uses the small and large muscles of the body.

Dance enhances personal well-being through bodily expression and feelings.

Gospel songs and dance soothe and comfort when life is difficult. We also use music and dance to celebrate and worship God for all of his wonderful blessings. The creative arts are fully integrated into our day with art, music, songs, dramatic play, and artistic projects.